1997, while cycling their daily 14km to school together, Hanna and Marthe decided to live their dream and become professional musicians - and, in the best case: do it together.

They tried everything possible... and above all everything that was fun: they played viol duos, sang as a duett, participated in garage bands and improvised within all of it - on partys, in the livingroom, in the backyard, on school events, on masterclasses for historical perfomance...

Both of them studied viol in the department for early music later, Marthe in Bremen and Hanna in Copenhagen, which made it more complicated to play spontaneously together.

But when Johannes became part of Marthes life in 2008, the three of them worked out a plan to create a stunning ensemble, that should be based on their friendship and would fire their creativity, finally ;).

Over the past years they have played together in several different formations. Lately, they are rehearsing together as „Violette de Nuit“, intending to play many wonderful concerts in the near future.

The ensemble‘s aim is, to find fresh and inspirational but also well informed interpretations of wellknown and unheard-of early music. Having fun in researching, arranging and improvising, the three musicians design their concert programmes with the idea to reach the audience emotionally from young to old.

Violette de Nuit

Hanna Thiel - Viola da Gamba

Marthe Perl - Viola da Gamba

Johannes Gontarski - Theorbo, Cittern, Lute